Encopresis Treatment – Part Three

Beetroot Juice - Image Credit to WinnondI am sure you have found the first two parts to this article worthwhile. If you have come to this page first then I recommend you read these beforehand:

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Other Things To Do For Encopresis Treatment:

It is important to make sure that while you are getting your child’s bowel back to normal that you encourage them to form good habits. If the entire list below for things to do to assist you with your encopresis treatment seems too hard, then just pick one at a time and add a new one every week until you form a habit. Habits take around 30 days to form so the more you do it, the easier it will become in time. So here is what to do:

    •  Make sure your child is drinking lots of purified water – this is a must to avoid constipation
    • Remove meat (especially red meat) from their diet. If you want to learn more about what food does to the body then read my article here. Meat is constipating and so is dairy.
    • Give them a green smoothie in the morning with their breakfast and you can even add 1/4 teaspoon of psyllium Husk as this helps to promote regularity. You don’t need a lot, especially for a child, so stick to the amount I recommend.
    • Keep their fibre up by giving lots of RAW fruit and veggies – a high raw food diet will make a huge difference – even if they are a toddler. You need soluble and insoluble fiber to keep things moving along the intestinal tract.
    • Give pure apple cider vinegar (1 tsp a day is better than nothing but you may need to add it to recipes if your child doesn’t like it)
    • Make sure your child get lots of exercise as this helps keep things moving and stimulates the bowel
    • See an osteopath on occasion
    • Make sure to avoid foods that inflame the bowel such as wheat.
    • Highly processed dairy constipates (if you must give dairy then organic,raw, goats milk is the closest to human milk but I don’t recommend any processed dairy as it just makes matters worse)
    • Remove all additives and preservatives. (This book will help)
    • Add some pure, uncooked extra virgin olive oil to saladsClick here for great prices on foot baths
    • Add prunes to healthy smoothies
    • Keep an eye on your child while undergoing the encopresis treatment I offer and remind them or have set times usually within 1 to 2 hours after eating that they sit on the toilet and have a try
    • Tell them it is better to try even if nothing happens
    • Give them a lovely foot bath once a day. From what I have been told, children have a hard time with body temperature up until the age of 8 so having a warm foot bath with pure lavender essential oils will help them ‘feel’ their emotions and assist to put them back in touch with their body. I was surprised at how well this worked. It is great for ODD too.
    • Have them see a child psychologist if needed as there can be lots of emotional damage as a result of having encopresis as a child will not themselves, understand why they cannot use the toilet due to the fact that they cannot feel it coming. They can feel embarrassed and made to feel humiliated if adults do not understand that they are not soiling on purpose.

Not the nicest of subjects I know but I am sure you have read my article because you need an encopresis treatment and you are more than ready to do what it takes to help your child. For more information about issues related to food you can read my story here.

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