Food Intolerance Symptoms

Food intolerance symptoms, food intolerance, food allergy, food additives, preservatives, food colours and naturally occurring chemicals in foods.

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Food Elimination Diet

Food elimination diet – a brief introduction. It is possible to be suffering from multiple food sensitivities, food allergies and environmental sensitivities. If you have a suppressed immune system or suffer from food intolerance symptoms, or leaky gut syndrome for example, then you may find your body unable to tolerate many foods. For some people… [Continue Reading]

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Dehydrated Food

An introduction to dehydrated food Pin ItThere are many benefits to dehydrated food and I bought a food dehydrator for the purpose of introducing raw foods to my children. For those of you who suffer from food intolerance symptoms, you can use a food dehydrator for red delicious apples, golden delicious apples, mango, pear and… [Continue Reading]

Dehydrated Food Article

Healthy Smoothies

How to Get Started With Healthy Smoothies It has taken me a little while to form the habit of making a healthy smoothie but now I make one every day and use it as my breakfast for high energy and nutrition. You can of course have more should you desire and this will depend on… [Continue Reading]

Healthy Smoothie

Friendly Food book review

Why Friendly Food Is Such An Important Book Friendly Food – part of the Food for Life series published by Murdoch Books, was written by the allergy experts at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital A Pin Itllergy Unit in Sydney Australia (RPA Allergy Unit). The people behind the ‘Friendly Food’ are Dr Anne Swain, Dr… [Continue Reading]

Friendly Food Cookbook

Food problems

Our Personal Food problems I was raised in a family that pretty much ate meat and three veggies for most meals and I never suffered any food problems or food intolerance symptoms as a child. Education on food nutrition and the reason for eating good food was not forthcoming. I don’t blam Pin Ite my… [Continue Reading]

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The Failsafe Cookbook Review

Why The Failsafe Cookbook is Critical The Failsafe Cookbook by Sue Dengate, is specifically designed for those suffering from food intolerance symptoms or allergies. For those who have food problems but do not know what the cause is, the Failsafe Cookbook is a must have while on a restricted diet and to conduct a food… [Continue Reading]

The Failsafe Cookbook

Natural honey

How Is Natural Honey Made? Pin ItThere are seven known species of the honey bee which are part of the genus apis and only members of the genus apis are considered true honey bees. A honey bee makes natural honey by collecting pollen from plants and depositing it in the nests which they make from… [Continue Reading]

Natural Honey

Children’s Behavior

Children’s Behavior and Food Intolerance Symptoms Is your child throwing tantrums all the time? Are they having trouble concentrating in school? Is your toddler irritable or not settling to sleep? Are they simply driving you nuts most of the time? Are you considering that your child is suffering from Oppositional Defiance? These are all possible… [Continue Reading]

Food colors

Food colors and their use When browsing the grocery shelves, it is not hard to see what is going on when you see brightly packaged food. Colors sell! Children are subjected to advertising on television to prompt them to pester the other people in the household who are involved in the decision making process. Marketers… [Continue Reading]


Salicylates – what are they? If you are suffering from food intolerance symptoms, leaky gut syndrome or food problems then you best sit up and take notice. This post is sure to provide you with some home truths about food intolerance symptoms, your own state of health and the impact of salicylates. For starters, just… [Continue Reading]

Reaction To Chocolate Easter Eggs

Pin ItChocolate Easter Eggs Melt Down I thought it fitting that I talk about them given that we are only one week away from Easter as I write this post. I’m amazed at just how many Easter treats my children bring home when they break up for the holidays. Not only that, I actually dread… [Continue Reading]

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Healing meditation

Healing Meditation – an introduction Aside from using food, there are also other forms of healing. Meditation is one of them and has been around for approximately 5000 years, from my understanding. Even so, many people view meditation as a new age concept; although it is true to say that the popularity of healing meditation… [Continue Reading]

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Chronic headaches

Chronic Headaches – the causes There are various reasons for chronic headaches and it might surprise you to know that something as simple as an orange pictured here could cause chronic headaches for some people. I used to work with a guy that would suffer from headaches if he almost so much as sniffed anything… [Continue Reading]

Chronic Headaches

Cradle Cap Treatment

Cradle Cap explained Cradle cap is quite common in babies and can appear within three months of birth. Sometimes cradle cap is referred to as seborrheic dermatitis. There are varying degrees of cradle cap and it can vary from a rash on the head to a crusty skin condition that can sometimes spread to the… [Continue Reading]

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Oppositional Defiant Disorder Symptoms

Oppositional Defiance Disorder Symptoms (ODD) Children who suffer through oppositional defiant disorder symptoms do actually possess angel wings but it can seem like they disappear all too quickly when it comes to you making a request of them. It could be something as simple as asking them to put on their shoes, get dressed, or… [Continue Reading]

Oppositional Defiant Disorder Symptoms

Food Reaction to Amines – Part One

Biogenic Amines – what are they? Naturally occurring chemicals are a food’s natural defense system and preservative. They assist in protecting the food while it grows and ripens. Biogenic amines, like salicylates, are naturally occurring in food and the degree to which these natural chemicals are contained in each food can vary greatly. Many people… [Continue Reading]

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Food Reaction to Amines – Part Two

This is part two in an article series on A Food Reaction to Amines. Before you read the information below, I suggest you visit this link: Food Reaction to Amines – Part One and read part one. Why Did I Have a Food Reaction to Amines? We all have a threshold when it comes to… [Continue Reading]

Food Inc. Movie

Food Inc Movie – Making a Start So you have taken an interest in what goes on your plate. I congratulate you for taking the time to research the Food Inc movie and doing more than just going to the supermarket in a hungry state and filling your trolley. You do realize that it is… [Continue Reading]

Food Inc Movie

Green Smoothie Revolution Book Review

It really was a Green Smoothie Revolution for the Boutenko family When I was first looking at raw food and if it was viable given the food intolerance problems we had experienced, I was invited to a raw food meet up. I was told that Victoria Boutenko would be there to share a pot luck… [Continue Reading]

Green Smoothie Revolution

Children’s Party Food

Why be Selective with Children’s Party Food Pin It Organizing a party of any kind can be stressful enough as it is and if it is a children’s party then there are always decisions to be made about children’s party food. This can be a difficult decision if your child suffers from food intolerance symptoms,… [Continue Reading]

Childrens Party Food


  What is The FDR?   Don Tolman and The FDR The FDR or Farmacist Desk Reference as the books are also known, are not your ordinary books on food and healing. It seems that it may not be that easy to find out about them either unless you have been researching how to heal… [Continue Reading]


Water Fasting

Water Fasting – What Does it Mean? Water! Our body is made up of a large percentage of it. That fact alone should be enough for all of us to take notice of the importance water plays in the health of our body and the need to keep ourselves hydrated. Water fasting, according to the… [Continue Reading]

Water Fasting

Raw Food Ebook

Raw Food Ebook Information Change your health today Click Here The type of raw food ebook you decide to purchase may depend on where you are on your journey with raw foods. Shifting from a conventional style of diet to a raw food diet might seem daunting or you may have some preconceived ideas about… [Continue Reading]

Cheesy Macaroni RAW!

Salicylate Intolerance Symptoms

    What are Salicylates? Classified as naturally occurring chemicals in foods, Salicylates can be the main cause of food intolerance symptoms. Amines also fall into this group and can cause food intolerance symptoms as well.  From my research, it is considered that more people suffer from Salicylate intolerance symptoms than amine intolerance symptoms. You… [Continue Reading]

Salicylate Intolerance Symptoms

Isochronic Meditation

Reasons You Need Isochronic Meditation Aside from getting a handle on your food intolerance symptoms or using food to heal, there are other things you can do to accompany your food journey on the way back to good health. You may be suffering from stress, depression, sleep issues, just need help learning to relax or… [Continue Reading]

Isochronic Meditation

Miallegro 9090

Miallegro 9090 – 10 Reasons You cannot wait to get your hands on this Blender I love my hand blender and would much rather have a Miallegro 9090 than a bench top space grabber! Why? Well here are 10 reasons why, and be on the look out in my article about the Miallegro 9090 for my… [Continue Reading]

Miallegro 9090

Reaction to MSG

What is MSG? Yes, it is very possible you have had a reaction to MSG. MSG or otherwise called Mono-Sodium Glutamate is a common food additive. It is typically used as a flavor enhancer called 621. You may be surprised to learn that it is even naturally occurring in some foods; meaning that you can… [Continue Reading]

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Encopresis Treatment – Part One

About This Article on Encopresis Treatment Warning….we are going to be talking about bowel movements and toileting so some of what is written here may seem unpleasant. However, if your child suffers from encopresis then I am sure you will read on because what you have had to both endure personally is both stressful, frustrating… [Continue Reading]

EncopresisTreatment Part One

Encopresis Treatment – Part Two

Encopresis Treatment – Here It Is If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you read the first part of encopresis treatment here before reading on. I’ll also provide some things that will further assist you to heal the body in my article Encopresis Treatment – Part Three. I urge you to use a safe… [Continue Reading]

EncopresisTreatment Part Two

Encopresis Treatment – Part Three

I am sure you have found the first two parts to this article worthwhile. If you have come to this page first then I recommend you read these beforehand: Encopresis Treatment – Part One Encopresis Treatment – Part Two Other Things To Do For Encopresis Treatment: It is important to make sure that while you… [Continue Reading]

Encopresis Treatment Part Three

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky gut syndrome or what is sometimes called increased intestinal permeability often goes hand in hand with those suffering from food intolerance symptoms. It is not unusual for it to go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed by those in the medical profession. Click here to read  an article that explains how one woman was misdiagnosed based on… [Continue Reading]

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How To Heal Yourself – Jessie’s story

Eileen has very kindly asked me to write a guest post about my physical and emotional healing journey in hope that it will help you too understand how to heal yourself. I have suffered from chronic asthma, allergies and intolerances from a very young age as well as leaky gut symdrome for the past seven… [Continue Reading]

How To Heal Yourself

Sue Dengate Diet

Sue Dengate Diet – will it help? If it is anyone that knows about food intolerance and food intolerance symptoms then it is Sue Dengate as she has first hand experience. She has been educating people on food problems for years now and has written a few books on food intolerance. The Sue Dengate diet… [Continue Reading]

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